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Let us take you through The Bespoke Process...


Every leather piece we produce comes from an accurate and bespoke design. Dario and now also Paloma, work on each piece according to the taste of each client, and this process results into beautiful unique bags, belts and other inspiring creations.

The taste and exquisite combinations you can find in our garments and textiles section is mainly due to Valeria's surprising style and creativity.

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About Our Leather


We work only with the best selection of leathers coming from Italy and Spain. Only genuine vegetable tanned leather coloring the nicest quality of materials.

Same concept into our textile section, we work exclusively with natural materials such as organic cotton, natural silk and the best selection of pashmina and merino wool.


Each piece, object, jewelry, garment, home wear, leather craft is the result of a handmade process, made by us or by a selection of exquisite artisans using both the oldest traditional techniques as the most modern and experimental ideas to create beautiful objects.

Our compromise is to persue beauty, so that through it our world can become as nice inside than outside. We work every day with passion and joy and this is our most precious treasure and what we want to share with you.

Please let us know how we can create a unique item to suit your wishes! 

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