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The hand crafting of fine leather goods has been our family tradition since 1975, collecting oriental textiles, traditional jewels and hand made pieces is our passion.

Quality and taste are the heritage of our atelier which is located by the church of San Miguel (Ibiza, Spain), far from the bustling crowds of Ibiza.

Our exquisite collection of unique pieces and garments is worth a visit and we hope to have the pleasure of meeting you during your stay on our magical island.



Valeria and Dario & now, Paloma.

Since they first arrived to Ibiza from Italy, in 1975, a love story that still goes on started, the one with this magical place.

Valeria always says that when she first stepped into this island she had the feeling she had found her dream island, the place she was looking for with the eyes of her heart. And so it was.

They rooted them selves here and started  to realize their dream, to do what they love to live, and live with love and truly each they. It was then, back in the end of the 70s and beggining of the 80s when the hippie markets saw their first expression. And there was where they placed their first thrown on the floor, first seed that with care and time became a table, then a structure and finally a shop.

Since that first days Dario and Valeria are known for their stylish look, their sophisticated taste and elegant simplicity. There for their place at the market became a reference and so is now the shop. Leather designs, exquisite textiles and a collection of rare and beautiful jewels, objects and garments are legacy of this couple that keeps creating as the passion for what they do is a regenerating energy that keeps flowing.

Paloma, their daughter, was born in 1981, and after doing some experiences in costume design for theatre and cinema, she decided to come back to Ibiza and give continuity to the beloved inheritage of her parents.

Her presence in the business translates into a delicate modern touch and some new collaborations that enrich the collection with some fresh breeze other then oriental.

Today they work toghether, give support to each other and feel proud of the twist things are taking.

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