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Handmade Italian suede leather bag. Unique and fully handmade soft leather bag with silver ethnic touch. Suede fringe and leather straps.

Adjustable leather strap. Inside pocket.

Beige Suede Bag

220,00 €Precio
  • MATERIAL Italian Suede 



    First, blot off any wet stains as soon as possible. Place a paper towel on the stain, then add a weight on top to press the stain into the absorbent towel. Small, dry stains may be able to be erased with a clean pencil eraser. Rub stains that are set with white vinegar and a damp towel. Do not use chemical stain removers on suede. Next, use a fingernail file to gently rasp away any scuff marks or lumps that you cannot get off. Use a suede brush or a clean bath towel to rub the shoe gently to bring back the normal texture of the suede. Beyond this simple at-home stain removal, you must be careful when cleaning suede. Damage from cleaners and even simple soap is irreversible. It’s always best to take the suede to a professional dry cleaner.

    STORING AND TRANSPORTING SUEDE: Suede is also susceptible to damage when being stored or transported. The soft leather is easily scratched. When storing or transporting your suede garments, place them in a pillowcase before storing them. Store the suede in a dark place where it will not fade, and make sure it is completely dry before storing it if you have tried to clean it.

    PROTECTING COLORS FROM FADING ON SUEDE: Another problem common with suede is fading. Make sure that you keep your suede away from direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This is particularly important as you decide where to put your suede upholstery.

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