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Handmade Italian suede leather bag. Antique silver flower decorations, strap closing.

Original and unique design, hand made.

Adjustable strap. Inner pocket.

Black Suede bag with Flowers

250,00 €Precio
  • MATERIAL Italian Suede 


    CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Small, dry stains may be able to be erased with a clean pencil eraser. Rub stains that are set with white vinegar and a damp towel. Use a suede brush or a clean bath towel to rub the shoe gently to bring back the normal texture of the suede. 

    STORING AND TRANSPORTING SUEDE:  Store the suede in a dark place where it will not fade, and make sure it is completely dry before storing it if you have tried to clean it.

    PROTECTING COLORS FROM FADING ON SUEDE: Make sure that you keep your suede away from direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

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